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High Speed Door: 'Union's best selling fast acting door for both internal & external openings'


Bulldoor™ - the dual purpose internal or external fast action roller door with 'Crash-Out & Auto-Reset' feature included as standard.

Designed for larger, high use internal openings, or average sized external openings where moderate wind speeds prevail, our Bulldoor™ has been proven over many years of service to reduce heat loss (resulting in energy savings), improve working conditions, help control temperatures, improve hygiene - amongst other benefits!

Bulldoor™ is also widely used on internal openings or where positive or negative pressures are apparent, in pharmaceutical environments for example.

Known for many years as the 'reliable workhorse' of rapid roll doors, the Bulldoor™ just keeps going and going, with many existing customers placing repeat orders with us for new doors due to the robustness & reliability of this extremely successful door. Our Bulldoor™ is widely used in many different applications throughout all industry types, and is especially recognised in retail distribution for very high traffic use openings between chilled & ambient environments. Some doors do well in excess of 1.4 million cycles each year!!! Check out the video our video HERE for details of our 10 million cycles Bulldoors at a Tesco DC!


Maximum size: 4.5m wide x 4.5m high.

Typical opening speed: 1.6m/s (variable).



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