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Free Entry into the Lifetime Warranty Scheme for Union Industries Range of High Speed Doors

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Due to the renowned success of Union Industries’ Lifetime Warranty which was launched in 2006 on our entire range of fast acting doors, and also due to the proven reliability of our door range, we are now giving free-of-charge entry into the Lifetime Warranty Scheme with every door ordered*!!!

We first introduced our original optional Lifetime Warranty scheme back in 2006 for three very good reasons;

Firstly, the consistency in the performance of our range of Rapid Action doors since the start of manufacture in 1991 proved that the Lifetime Warranty was feasible.

Secondly, to prevent inexperienced and untrained engineers from tinkering with the doors and doing more harm than good in the process.

Thirdly, customers would have the peace-of-mind that their Union doors would be properly maintained by our own engineers & technicians.

The Lifetime Warranty was originally available only as an optional extra for all doors in our range, including the unique Eiger Freezer Door, but due to the continuous development of our doors and also our confidence that the doors will continue to operate when serviced correctly, the decision was made in January 2012 to include 'Standard Cover' Lifetime with each door ordered at no extra cost*. This automatically includes one free-of-charge service carried out by Union engineers within the first 12 months of operation.

During this first period, we will advise the customer as to which level of Warranty cover is required for each of their Union doors – 'Standard' or 'Super Cover' – and it is then the customer’s own choice as to whether or not they continue with this very worthwhile Warranty Scheme, which also includes servicing at the correct intervals.

The Warranty is available in Standard Cover for regular use Doors at £535 + vat per year and includes within the price one full service. Super Cover, priced at £1,070 + vat per year, is designed for Doors completing high cycles each year and includes a MINIMUM of two services per annum. Bespoke Lifetime Warranty schemes for very high use Doors requiring more services each year are also available (details on request).

* Exclusions apply. Lifetime Warranty included/available in the UK and Republic of Ireland only.




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