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High Speed Door: 'The totally NEW addition to the Union family!'


We are pleased to announce our new arrival - the Picadoor High Speed Door!

The idea to develop a new rapid roll door to add to our range came about back in mid-2012 when an existing customer came to us with a specific problem, that problem being they had very small but high use internal conveyor and personnel openings into a chilled area so needed fast acting doors to help maintain the temperatures & reduce energy consumption - but they also wanted to use Union doors!

Our Lion Door™ was just too large & heavy in terms of the construction of the door for this type of application and so investigations & development started on using alternative types of materials other than the heavy duty steel as used on the other high speed doors in our range. The brief from our customer being to produce a lighter weight door that required less side & head room than our current doors, for small internal doorways not used by forklift trucks, which could ideally be installed quickly, and with the same good pedigree as Union's other doors. The challenge was thrown down - and accepted! 

The columns - with integral side guides - for our new Picadoor™ are manufactured from high quality, lightweight extruded aluminium which can be powder coat finished to various colour options. With stylish aluminium Top Roll Hood Cover finished to match, the Picadoor™ is ideal for small internal applications where hygiene, cleanliness and aesthetics are important requirements, such as in pharmaceutical or certain food industry environments.

The clever but simplistic design of Picadoor™ means that installation is quick & relatively easy. So-much-so that we are willing to take on the training of the customer's own engineers and/or contractors (engineering qualifications being a pre-requisite requirement) to show them how to install Picadoors™, which means that the next installation can be even quicker and also lower cost! Each engineer assessed & trained will receive a certificate, valid for two years, to show they have been trained & are qualified to install Union Industries Picadoors™. 

Complete with variable speed motor, inverter system inside the panel for controlability and with various input & outputs for activation & additional safety items, the Picadoor™ is ideal for small internal doorways where regular access is required but environmental conditions also need to be maintained.   

Maximum size: 2.0m wide x 2.5m high.

Internal openings only.

Typical opening speed: 1.5m/s (variable).




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