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Bespoke Engineered Fabric Solutions


All of Union Industries core Products, such as High Speed Industrial Roller Doors, Freezer Doors and Industrial Curtains are Bespoke and Tailor-made to a greater or lesser extent, but there are other manufactured items that do not fall into either of these categories. These are instances where we are called upon to come up with a solution to a problem where there is nothing currently on the market.
These come under the heading of ‘Bespoke Engineered Fabric Solutions’
Union Industries has specialised in this field for over 40 years and have been able to solve, not all, but the majority of unusual requests, calling upon its vast experience of fabric engineering and engineering expertise coupled with a lifetime of practical ‘know-how’.

When contacted with an unusual request of this kind requiring a uniquely bespoke solution, Union Industries pools all the resources of its R & D and CAD departments and the expertise of its team of practical engineers to design, manufacture and install as necessary, the most effective and economical product or scheme.  

It does not matter how large or small the project, Union Industries welcomes the challenge of breaking new ground to find an appropriate solution and develop a product that is fit for purpose.

All that we require from our customer is a concise description of the problem, what they are wanting to achieve and what their expectations are. 




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