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Aircraft Hangar Curtains

Aircraft Hangar Curtains

Industrial Curtains for very large external openings, where wind loads are frequent.


Union Industries Tensioned Mobile Matrix Curtain System is an ideal solution for Aircraft Hangar doors. It is also the simplest way to modernise ageing Hangars and help meet the rigorous requirements of EASA regulations.

EASA Part 145.A.25(a): ... Aircraft Hangar and component workshop structures should prevent the ingress of rain, hail, ice, snow, wind and dust etc. ...

Many aircraft hangars utilise solid sliding or roll-up doors. This is a traditional installation for many facilities, but their installation and maintenance can be costly. Union Industries Industrial Hangar Curtains can be a more cost effective alternative, with reduced installation times and requiring significantly less time-consuming and expensive maintenance. Industrial Curtains can also be used to create partitions between areas in a single hangar, separating other aircraft and equipment while fully retracting to increase the amount of useable space within the facility

Tensioned Mobile Curtains are manufactured from Heavy duty Fire retardant PVC Coated fabrics and are secured in place using ratchets and straps incorporated in the design. Supplementary webbing Safety Restraint Nets are used to control the curtain during deployment in windy conditions to prevent the uncontrolled movement of the curtains and prevent damage to equipment and personnel.

Union Industries Tensioned Mobile Curtains are bespoke designed and manufactured to meet project-specific requirements and are available with a number of options, including fire exit push out doors and high level Static Infills to fill any voids above the main partition.



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