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Weighted Mobile Curtains

Weighted Mobile Curtains

An excellent solution for temporary segregation of areas where regular access is required.


Union Industries Heavy Duty PVC Curtains with Weighted Hems to the base are ideally suited to create sanitary wash-down areas in Food processing and Packaging facilities, clean rooms, and creating easily moveable partitions in manufacturing areas.

Union Industries have installed a large number of Weighted Mobiles in different environmental sectors of industry, and each Weighted Mobile curtain system is tailor made to create a solution to meet the client's individual needs.

Locating a weighted mobile curtain between production areas minimises cross contamination between areas and can also allow cleaning to take place on one line whilst production continues on another.

Our standard heavy duty reinforced PVC is an anti-capillary fabric, coated with a fluorinated polymer varnish which is resistant to surfactants and chemicals, is easily cleaned preventing the build-up of dirt, grime and resultant bacterial and mould growth.

Welded hems, including fully sealed sandbag weights within the base of the curtains, maintain the anti-capillary properties which prevents the absorption of solutions into the fabric where mould could otherwise grow.

The optional Stainless Steel track, which eliminates rust and shavings which can occur with galvanised track systems, also prevents entrapment of contaminants and bacterial growth in wash down areas.

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